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Professional Morality Research Unit


This unit was established in 2004 and has been contributed with various industries such as mining, automotive, banking and petroleum in training of human resources and consulting area. The Unit research field is classified in the area of professional ethics in both the individualistic and organizational ethics approaches based on the theoretical foundations of Islamic philosophy and Islamic teachings. The research groups of this research unit are introduced as:


Organizational ethics

Science and technology ethics

Professional Islamic ethics


These groups try to promote the ethical values in business and organizations, support the professional ethics through the career development, train the ethics experts and produce morality knowledge in the context of moral education in science, technology and business. The research unit is currently running projects with The Judiciary of I.R. Iran, Karafarin Bank and Al-Zahra University in order to develop and promote the corporate ethics through the ethical management using developing professional  ethical patterns. Other organizations and institutions which have used the educational workshops and research projects of the Professional Morality Research Unit are summarized as follows: 



Car companies such as Saipa Diesel, Zamyad, Bahman, Pars Khodro, Saipa, Rayan Saipa, Tabriz Tractor Manufacturing

Mining companies including Irana tile Co., Iran Mineral Production Co., Darab cement Co., Iranian Aluminum Co.

Banks and commercial establishments such as Iran Insurance Co., Leasing Iran-Khodro Co., Ansar Bank, Bank Maskan, Karafarin Bank

 Other organizations such as Tehran Municipality, Shiraz Municipality, Kerman Red Crescent society, NAJA,  IMIDRO Org., Pasargad Oil Co., MAPNA Co., HESA Co., The Judiciary of I.R. Iran, Al-Zahra University


 More than 200 workshops have been held in various organizations and industrial enterprises by the research unit around professional ethics and many books have been published in this field.



Professional Morality Research Unit

was introduced as the  premier research Unit of University of  Tehran in 22nd Research Festival of the university in 2013 .and was appreciated by the university president