UTRI Contact Information UTRI Contact Information


University of Tehran Research Institute Building


No. 85, Nosrat St., 16 Azar St., Keshavarz Blvd. University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

P.O.Box: 1417965463


Tel: (+98 - 021) - 61113672        &          (+98 - 021) - 66494922                       Fax:(+98 - 021) - 61113545


web page: RI.UT.AC.IR

E-mail: RI@UT.AC.IR

Contact with Research Units Contact with Research Units

Resident Research Units in the UTRI Building




Applied Intelligent Systems 


Professional Morality 


Soft Technology 


Network Science and Information Technology


Advanced Aerospace Systems 




New Technologies in Aviation 


Management of National Sustainability


Renewable Energy and Environment 

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